High Temperature Oven MTO Series

MagmaTherm - High Temperature Oven MTO Series

MagmaTherm the best choice for High Temperature Oven

Comes with various temperature and volume:

Product Series Working Temperature Volume Options Software Options
High Temperature Oven MTO Series 400 °C
27, 64, 125, 216, 343, 512
*E4, U8, S16
600 °C
800 °C

*Check brochure for more information


  • Stainless steel inner chamber lining, high resistance against corrosive atmospheres and high durability against heavy loads.
  • Additional shelfs are available.
  • Stand-alone or benchtop models are available.
  • Heating achieved by "Corrosion Protected Heating Elements" which are isolated from the inner chamber atmosphere and very easy to replace.
  • Afterburner can be added to rehabilitate the unburned and unhealthy gas and particles.
  • Optional interrelated use of the oven and afterburner via connected control units is possible to ensure to get a clean exhaust.
  • Optional protective gas connection, door switch.
  • Optional circulation fan inside the chamber to ensure high thermal homogently.
  • User friendly operating menu in 4 line display for easy operation.
  • ±1 °C control accuracy.

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