Tabletop Autoclave N Series

SH Scientific - Tabletop Autoclave N Series

Tabletop Autoclave N Series - The Fully Automatic Benchtop Autoclave


Class N Series (non vacuum)

Comes with various volume capacity:

Model SH-AC-18N SH-AC-23N
Temp Range Max 138℃ (280.4℉)
Volume 18 L 23 L
Using Pressure 110 to 210 kPa (1.2 to 2.1 kg/cm2)
Temp Controller LCD Controller
Material Internal Stainless Steel
Tray 3 EA 3 EA
Chamber Size ∅247x350 mm ∅247x450 mm
Dimension (WxDxH) 480x700x450 (mm) 480x700x450 (mm)
USB port Standard
Printer Option
Net Weight 45 kg 48 kg
Power 2100 W 2100 W


  • Water Tank - Convenient and accessible water tank
  • Independent Steam Generator - Built it independent rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles
  • LCD Displaying - Screen displaying time, temperature, and pressure, process alert, and instrument conditions complete with liquid sterilization program
  • Double locking device
  • Stainless steel chamber and trays
  • Fully automatic benchtop autoclave with pre set programs
  • Alarm function - Insufficient water supply or when the door is locked
  • Automatically output the result of sterilization by external printer installation


  • Double door protection system
  • Safety relief valve
  • Electric leakage circuit breaker
  • Automatic water supply system
  • Automatic reset function incoming power cut
  • Over temperature protection device


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