Moisture Analyzer BM Series

Phoenix Instrument - Moisture Analyzer BM Series

Moisture Analyzer BM Series - The State of Convenient Analyzer System

The newly developed moisture analyzer BM series is characterized by numerous features, helping the user to make working and testing with the instrument easy and convenient.



  • The large, backlit graphic display for easily read out even under poor lighting conditions

  • The huge sample pan allows placing even larger samples on the instrument

  • Infrared quartz heater provides effective and homogen drying without interference

  • Auto-zero function ensures high accuracy measurements

  • Graphic display of the drying curves

  • 5 different drying modes can be combined with 2 stop-functions


  • The large, backlit display for easy readouts

  • Various parameters can be displayed simultaneously

  • Automatic test function after the lid is closed

  • Powerful 400 W halogen heater

  • Internal memory

  • Pan lifter makes placing and changing of probes easier



Technical Data BM-60 BM-65
Capacity 60 g 65 g
Accuracy 0.001 g / 0.01% 0.001 g / 0.01%
Reproducibility 0.002 g / 0.05% 0.002 g / 0.05%
Pan size 95 mm 90 mm
Measuring memory gram, %moisture, %solids weight, %moisture, %solids, %moisture on dry bases (ATO %S)
Stabilisation time 2-3 sec 2-3 sec
Internal memory 10 programs, 100 test results Up to 99 test results or 49 programmable user settings
Calibration Automatic external -
Heating source 400-W-Halogen heater, 50-160°C 400-W-Halogen heater, 50-160°C
Drying programs Standard, drying in steps, gentle, and fast huge A standard one step up to 3 temp stepping ramps
Display Backlit LCD-Display Backlit LCD-Display, 24mm size digits

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