GBC Scientific Equipment - AAS GeminAA PLUS

GBC GeminAA PLUS - The Best Choice of Flame Graphite Furnace Two-in-one System

The GeminAA Plus atomic absorption spectrophotometer can be widely used in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemicals, geology, medical science, environmental protection, scientific research, agriculture, disease control, food safety, material science, quality inspection etc.

The GeminAA Plus features an integrated flame and graphite furnace design that cintains the optical system, flame atomizer, graphite furnace power supply and electronics all in one unit. It is first such design and one of the most compact AAS in the world (Patent no. L200620023298.9).

  • Wavelength range of 190 – 900 nm.
  • Automated changeover between Flame and Graphite Furnace in less than 2 seconds.
  • Automatic wavelength selection, automatic slit switch setting, and automatic optimization of lamp current and gain. All operations can be completed within 40 seconds.
  • Automatically find the optimal flame height for each elemental analysis.
  • 8 lamp rotating turret, with lamp auto-peaking.
  • Optional Choice of Accessory Hydride Generator, Air Compressor, or Water Cooling System.

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