Autwomatic Water Purifier

Wasserlab - Autwomatic Water Purifier

AUTWOMATIC - Always Freshly Produced Water, with Controlled, Monitoring Quality

Final Water Quality Type II
Conductivity (μS/cm) < 1
Rate and Storage
Flow Rate LPH 3/5/10 l/h
Max Flow rate Recommended LPD 30 - 50 - 100
RO Pressurized Tank (L) 30/50
Manual Dispensing Yes
Continuous Monitorization
Touch Screen / Keyboard Keyboard
Visual and audible warning messages Available
Feed Water Conductivity (μS/cm) Available
Osmotized Water Conductivity (μS/cm) Available
Ionic Rejection % Available
Final Water Conductivity (μS/cm) Available
Work Time Counter Available
Water Temperature (ºC) Available
Temperature Compensation Available
Warning to user messages
Out of range parameters Yes
Pretreatment cartridge exchange Yes
RO exchange Yes
DI cartridge exchange Yes
Feed water supply failure -
Automatic Start/Stop Yes
Automatic Stop/water supply failure Yes
Other elements
DI Increasable Yes
Dimensions (cm) 45x25x48 cm
Weight (kg) 15 kg
Power supply 110-220 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Feed Water Requirements
Min. Inlet Pressure 2 bar
Max. Inlet Pressure 6 bar
Max. Water Temperature 30 ºC
Max. Hardness 300 ppm (CaCO3)
SDI (Silt Density Index) < 5
Max. Feed Water Conductivity 1500 μS/cm
Free Chlorine < 1 ppm
Turbidity < 1 NTU


Purified Type II Water Applications:

  • Preparing microbiological culture media.
  • Spectrophotometry.
  • AA-Flame.
  • Preparing buffer solutions.
  • Salt spray chambers.
  • Climate test chambers.

Osmotized Water Type III Applications:

  • Feeding autoclaves and washing machines.
  • Glassware cleaning.


  • Pretreatment, Reverse osmosis, and Deionization process.
  • Self-checking and preventive maintenance.
  • Conductivity meter calibration and system check.
  • Continuous monitoring of the purification process using a microprocessor.

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