COD and Total Organic Material Titrator T13

SONNEN - COD and Total Organic Material Titrator T13

More Efficient Titration with COD and Total Organic Material Titrator

Buret driver 1/60000 step
Maximum possible error ±0.2% (20mL)
Emptying time and full filling time of buret 30 seconds (100% peak flow rate)
Color sensor 16-bit and three primary colours double color synthesis software
Dimensions of host 160x190x200 mm
Dimensions of titration module 190x200x320 mm
Weight (standard configuration) About 4.3 kg


K2Cr2O7 method COD and total organic matter totrator adopts national standard color method, combine colour determination and titration analysis. Automatically determine the end point of titration by indicator's color changes, then calculate the content of COD total organic matter by the consumption of standard solution during the process of titration. This method's titration accuracy and colour determination accuracy are much more higher. Its determination result more precise and reliable than traditional titration method, meanwhile eliminating personal error.


  • Determine COD, total organic matter by the method of K2Cr2O7 in water, waste water, soil, waste, and other fields.


  • Building block design, titration unit, electric potential board, color card, magnetic stirrer can be willfully combinated or individually work.
  • Automatically titration: easy operation, rational structure, mouse control titration.
  • Automatically initialization: automatically complete initialization refill with one click after titration.
  • Automatically return-to-zero: return to zero by key, then start next titration process.
  • High brightness color touch screen, personalized English operattion interface, can set 12 graphical shortcut keys.
  • Intuitional "Building block" flexible combination, operator can select the relative titration station and function according to actual need, and upgrade anytime.
  • Build-in multiple analysis method.
  • Host can connect to PC by WLAN.

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