XRD Emma Series

GBC Scientific Equipment - XRD Emma Series

The Enhanced Multi-Materials Analyzer with Maxi-Capabilities GBC XRD!

The Emma (enhanced mini-materials analyser) X-Ray Diffractometer although compact in size, offers enhanced capabilities to the end user.

  • Available in θ-2θ geometry or in θ-θ geometry mode to maintain a horizontal sample stage, essential for high temperature and non-ambient sample chambers.
  • New primary beam optics such as confocal graded d-spacing mirror for transmission and Capillary modes.
  • Keep a contant irradiated area with motor-driven auto slits, available as an option.
  • Supports a wide variety of sample sizes.
  • New sample stages for large, heavy and bulky samples, in addition to spinning, capillary spinner, and mounting provision for a select few non-ambient stages available from PAAR ®.
  • New advanced microprocessor controller, offering 8 simultaneous axes and Ethernet comms.
  • For rapid interchange options, each stage, optic and detector has its own calibration and swapping configurations as easy as selecting a new item from the accessories picker.
  • New software enhancements – includes an “accessory picker” that allows instant re-calibration after interchange of any beam component for Visual XRD. Traces includes integrations with the latest release of the ICDD databases PDF-2 and PDF-4+.
  • Available as floor standing model with base cabinet and also as benchtop model.
  • Comes with X-ray Generator, X-ray Tubes, Geniometer, and more.

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