K1305 Automated Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

SONNEN - K1305 Automated Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer

Technical Authority and Trustworthy

  • Meet international / national standard, adopt national standard Kjeldahl method: digest sample in concentrated sulphuric acid environment 、steam distillation in alkaline environment、boric acid absorption、indicator titration end-point color determinate method;

  • In June, 2007, Sonnen successfully developed the unique auto determining module for nitric nitrogen;

  • Sonnen is one of the drafters of China’s national standard GB/T22923-2008;

  • Sonnen is one of the drafters of the China's official standard JJF 109-2012 《Calibration Specification for Nitrogen Analyzer》;


Product Introduction:


The distillation procedure could be finished automatically: automatically add water, add alkali and distill, and automatically power-off and give sound reminder when the operation is finished. 


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