F12A Fully Automatic Filter-Bag Fiber Determinator

SONNEN - F12A Fully Automatic Filter-Bag Fiber Determinator

Product Introduction:

The F12A fully automated filter-bag fiber analyzer is used to resolve problems of over-consumption of work and time, improper fire control, easy-loss of the residue, the potential safety problem against the operators and etc, which are caused by crucible extraction method. For batch determination, this determinator is with obvious advantage of high efficiency, stabilization, and reagent saving.

Sonnen’s this fiber analyzer is adopted with the special design of high-pressure sealing, With a new small appearance, the analyzer is strong functional. Particularly the special reaction cylinder, digesting with integrated stirring method, which is of high stability and reliability, strong sample handling capacity, and obvious high efficiency, and is especially suitable for the large-workload end- users.


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