FOB-Benchtop Lab Sterilizer

FEDEGARI - FOB-Benchtop Lab Sterilizer

FOB is a benchtop lab sterilizer that combines excellent performance with high quality materials, ease of use and reduced utilities consumption.

The FOB series are suitable for many different applications, making it the perfect choice to satisfy modern laboratory needs. FOB series autoclaves combines technology and know-how, and can be used by very different laboratories, such as:

  • Private and public microbiology labs.
  • High schools and Universities.
  • Research institutes, life sciences and biotech labs.
  • Clinical diagnostic labs.
  • Agriculture, environmental and veterinary labs.
  • Material testing laboratories.
  • Quality control lab´s in pharma, food/beverage, chemistry/cosmetics and other industrial sectors.

FOB may be adapted to satisfy various laboratory applications and the treatment of many different types of loads, including waste with high pathogen risk, in addition to solid porous goods, packaged items and liquid/media, in open and sealed containers.

FOB series autoclaves are used in highly specialized fields thanks to a wide selection of options on a modular system. Hence, FOB sterilizers can be configured to meet the most demanding user’s requirements.

Please, click on the link “recommended kit” to check out all possible configurations referred to FOB series.




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