FVG-Vertical Lab Sterilizer

FEDEGARI - FVG-Vertical Lab Sterilizer

FVG Vertical Lab Sterilizer combines excellent performances with overall high quality materials, simplicity of use and optimal consumption.

All FVG series autoclaves are equipped with a built-in steam generator with automatic water feed pump. These autoclaves can treat a wide range of laboratory goods with reliable sterilization technology, such as: glassware and plastic articles, unwrapped instruments, machine parts and components, porous goods, culture media and liquids in open small size containers, laboratory regular waste in open bags.

The FVG series sterilizers are suitable for the sterilization and decontamination in many different laboratory sectors as:

  • Private and public microbiology labs.
  • High schools and universities.
  • Research institutes.
  • Life science and biotech labs.

Please, click on the image “recommended kit” to check out all possible configurations referred to FVG series.




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