Microwave Digestion System for Chemical Analysis

ATPIO - Microwave Digestion System for Chemical Analysis

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Main Feature

The plates were first domestic microwave heating technology into the sample digestion, multiple sample digestion better uniformity;

First in using PFA treatment furnace chamber, anti-corrosion, high temperature;

Professional pull-down sliding door mechanism, the effective protection because of the impact of relief;

LCD panel and intelligent program design, you can store a variety of sample programs to support the EPA standard methods;

Double CPU monitoring, intelligent PID automatic frequency control, ensure that the sample digestion time and temperature accurately


Technical Parameters:

  • Microwave power 2500W, frequency: 2450MHz
  • The use of platinum resistance temperature control system, real-time display and  control temperature digestion tank, temperature range: 0-300 ℃, monitorin
  • Optional non-contact pressure measurement and control inductance FM or contact the guide cylinder pressure measurement mode, real-time display and control the pressure of the reaction tank, control range: 0.1-5MPa (750psi / 50 atm), the accuracy of 0.01MPa
  • Can achieve high pressure microwave digestion, microwave extraction, microwave COD digestion, amino acids and other digestion mode, support for EPA and ASTM standards
  • 6 each batch of samples simultaneously, using microwave heating plate, a plurality of samples simultaneously digested better uniformity
  • All the reaction vessel can be cooled in the furnace chamber, the cooling speed,  suitable for air and water in two ways, the utilization of the furnace chamber
  • Professional uniform cavity (microwave cavity) designed to ensure that all samples  sync nanotechnology treatment furnace chamber, high temperature anti-corrosion  coating of multiple, long-term to ensure that the furnace chamber against corrosion of various acid gases and solvents.
  • The furnace chamber is equipped with power ventilation system, various reactions can be carried out continuously for a long time in a ventilated, secure and easy to observe the environment.


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