ICP-OES Quantima

GBC Scientific Equipment - ICP-OES Quantima

The Quantima represents a quantum leap in technology with high performance for multiple element analysis

  • Full wavelength flexibility with wavelength accuracy better than 0.015 nm.
  • The Quantima is very cost effective. At 11 l/min for a typical aqueous sample, this is the lowest Argon consumption of any ICP-OES currently available.
  • Computer control of all gas flows (sample flow is the critical parameter) – nebulizer line, plasma and auxiliary gas lines complete with Nitrogen purge system.
  • The Quantima is able to analyse slurry and high dissolve solids without dilutions or digestion to enhance productivity.
  • The Quantima offers many new innovative features including the Plasma Cam and PIP. Patented PIP (Plasma Integrity Protection) significantly reduces parasitic plasma or ‘donuts’ from melting the torch. The plasma cam allows easy viewing from the PC screen.
  • Dual detector for optimized detection.
  • Fast speed of analysis.
  • User friendly and powerful software.

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