Kjeldahl Exhausting System S402

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S402 Kjeldahl Exhausting System

Neutralization system (Scrubber) is including ternary filtration functions, condensation, neutralization, and filtration. The product adopts high-quality anticorrosive pumps, low noise, strong suction, reduce exhaust emissions, eco-friendly.

Comes with technical data:

S402 Kjeldahl Exhausting System
Pump suction capacity 40L/min
Power consumption 320W
System suction capacity 50-400 mBar
Power 220VAC±10% 50Hz
Weight 40 kg


  • Mould design, compact appearance.
  • Absorption device area is translucence design, easy for inspection, and changing.
  • Suction pressure is adjustable when become negative, to avoid acid gas spilling or emptying.
  • Anticorrosion vacuum pump, low noise, large suction, reduce wasted gas exhausting, and environmental friendly.
  • Ternary filtration system (water condensation, alkali neutralization, and active carbon filtration) ensure perfect neutralization and absorption performance. PTFE anticorrosion pipe design, improve using life.

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